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Here you’ll find helpful resources to help you get to grips with your  website, ,make changes and reach out to us for help.

Editing your site content

All of our hosting packages come with monthly support time so you’ll always be able to send us changes to your site’s content and we will make them for you. However we know that there are occasions where you want to be able your site yourself. We’ve created this page to help you.

Your site uses a content management system that has a huge user base and powers a third of all websites on the internet. On top of this we’ve integrated software to include a visual builder, so when you’re making any changes you can quickly see how it looks. (Please note: this software is designed to be edited using a desktop or laptop computer rather than a touchscreen device).

  1. You will have received a login by email for your website, including the web address to log in to. Once you’re inside you’ll see the main dashboard.
  2. After you are logged in simply navigate to the web page you want to edit as you normally would.
  3. At the top you’ll now be able to see a button that says ‘Enable visual builder’.
  4. Simply click on the button and wait. After 1-2 seconds you’ll be presented with your page and the visual builder is now active.
  5. Watch the videos below to get to grips with how to make your changes.



You can learn more about how to edit your site in the training section. Just login and on the left hand side menu hover over appearance and click on ‘Divi Training’. like this:


If at any time you have made a mistake and cannot rectify it do not save the page and let us know.

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